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I read this news update article (link) at an IEEE Spectrum March 2011 issue. Title of the article is “The Psychiatrist in the Machine” It claims that software of computers can interpret MRI scans inside a good margin of confidence such that a bipolar patient can be recognised among other types of people, among healthy people and among people who have other types of mental illnesses. Article has two textures joined; a piece of it is crafted with wood and the other piece is made of jelly. Scientist, as it is claimed have nailed these two pieces together. This magazine has been manipulated in recent years by traditional coercive psychiatry to publish advancements of using electronic technology in discovery of human mind complexities. As electronic technology has brought wonders and new possibilities in the field of medical instrumentation among other daily and non-daily activities of human beings, it has come to the minds of psychiatrists that these feats could have some gifts for them too. Engineers who are behind these gadgets follow the propositions of psychiatrists based on the idea that they are able similar to physicians to use these tools on a basis of well-tested postulates. Coercing traditional psychiatry is not working in that domain. Those engineers never go back and ask in hard evidence what was the result of using their crafts in psychiatry domain. On an impartial overall review how far the very real people who were in the hands of psychiatry have been recovered due to usage of that instrument. They only keep their own job going. There is no evidence of any find out in using this MRI. Please have a look at this expert blog (link: Critical Psychiatry).


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